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The Creation of the Islands Development Company

The Islands Development Company Ltd (IDC) is a parastatal company registered on the 29th of April 1980 under the Seychelles Company Act of 1972. IDC has been entrusted with the management and development of 14 islands owned by the Government of Seychelles. The islands are Alphonse, Astove, Assumption, Coetivy, Cosmoledo, Desroches, Desnoeuf, Farquhar, Marie-Louise, Platte, Poivre, Providence, Remire and Silhouette. All the islands are coralline outer islands except Silhouette which is a granitic island and falls in the inner island group.

IDC is governed by a Board of Directors presently consisting of 8 members whose mandate is to successfully manage the company to achieve its business objectives and fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. The Chief Executive Officer of IDC is Mr. Glenny Savy

IDC’s Vision:
To develop the Outer Islands in a manner that is economically viable.

IDC’s Mission: 
To ensure that the outer islands actively contribute in the socio-economic development of the Seychelles while adhering to the highest environmental standards.

Strategic Business Objectives:

  • The business objective of IDC is to render the outer islands habitable and develop essential infrastructure and central services needed for sustainable development of the islands.
  • Make available land for private sector development on the islands through a tender process.
  • Derive financial benefits from economic activities to fund and sustain ancillary developments such as schools, health care, housing and so forth.

Corporate Values:

IDC is committed:

  • To provide consistent, prompt and courteous service.
  • To work towards ensuring that development activities for the Outer Islands are done in a sustainable manner.
  • To actively support environmental conservation and protection of ecosystems and species within the outer islands and Silhouette.
  • To continuously train and develop our human resource and provide a healthy working environment.
  • To provide a secure and safe environment to our employees, customers and other partners.
  • To actively engage our stakeholders in the management of the islands

The Company’s current scope of Activities:

  • To make available an efficient telecom services
  • To undertake construction and maintenance of infrastructures
  • To provide flight and shipping operations to the outer islands
  • Manage electricity generation and distribution
  • Manage potable water treatment facilities and distribution
  • Manage sewerage facilities
  • Manage solid waste treatment facilities
  • Manage airfield facilities
  • Manage harbour and maritime activities
  • Provide and stock essential food supplies on the islands and retail accordingly
  • Provide medical and medivac facilities
  • Support environmental programs run by NGO’s and Government of Seychelles
  • Maintain law and order and manage national emergency plans
  • Provide facilities for visiting government officials on islands
  • Provide and maintain social infrastructure such as schools
  • Manage an environmental health care plan